Inspiring Catholic fathers, honoring St. Joseph

Now, more than ever, Catholic fathers need to step up.

Welcome to Catholic Father’s Day™. In the midst of growing confusion and chaos in the world, Catholic fathers can help their families, their parishes and the world find greater peace in Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. During 2021, the Year of St. Joseph, the Guardian of the Holy Family, Catholic families from around the country are gathering together for Eucharistic Processions to proclaim Jesus Christ, to honor St. Joseph and to strengthen Catholic fathers for their mission to be sacrificial leaders, protectors and providers for their families.

The Year of St. Joseph.

Since God the Father Almighty created the first man, He has called men to the heroic role of fatherhood, men who sacrifice themselves to lead, protect and provide for their wives and children. In recent times, the vision of heroic fatherhood has sometimes been lost. With the Catholic Church’s celebration of the Year of St. Joseph, it is a great time to inspire Catholic men to their great and noble call to be Catholic fathers. Returning to the origins of “Father’s Day”, a day first celebrated to honor St. Joseph and Catholic fathers, 2021 will be the launch of an annual celebration of Catholic Fatherhood during June. All the faithful are invited to take part in these processions.

Bishop Andrew H. Cozzens on the importance of Catholic Father’s Day


Asking for the intercession of St. Joseph, patron saint of fathers and families

The purpose of the Catholic Father’s Day movement is to inspire men to their great and noble call as fathers by holding annual Eucharistic processions in June. These family-friendly events call the faithful together to pray for and honor fathers.“All for Jesus, all through Mary, all after thy example, O Patriarch, Saint Joseph. Such shall be my watch-word in life and in death. (Pope St. Pius X)

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