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Join or even lead an historic Catholic Father’s Day Eucharistic Procession on June 19th. Processions are being planned nationwide. Learn more at

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FAQs and Comments for Attendees

Each rally will be organized by a group of lay leaders. See your event page for who specifically will be in attendance. Each rally will have a Spiritual Director and bishops, priests, deacons and religious are all invited.

Spread the word! Social media and email are great, which is why we have created resources for you to use. Check under Resources on the main menu to find email templates and social media imagery. Another way to reach an audience is with a ‘tap on the shoulder.’—ask friends and family to go. Fear not, and invite everyone! If you see something that needs doing, please step up!

Rain or shine. If there is lightning, the procession will be cancelled or delayed.

No food or water will be provided so plan to bring your own.

See your event page for specific information regarding restrooms at your rally.

There will be speakers broadcasting the event for all those in attendance to hear and participate.

See your event page for specific information regarding parking at your rally.

Communication with law enforcement regarding the date, time, location and route of the rally will be taken care of by your event team leaders.

There are no mobs or intimidation in sight. Families are highly encouraged to come, as this is not a political event.

Yes! Bring a basket for rose petals, as well.